Thursday, July 30, 2015

Good Complaining vs. Bad

"Do everything without complaining and arguing..."   ...  Philippians 2:14


I think about odd things. 

Like, if I was on Death Row and scheduled for the electric chair, I've got my final meal all planned out. You know, just in case:

Spaghetti and meatballs
A beef enchilada
Chocolate ice cream with chocolate bar pieces
Orange soda (In real life I always choose orange seltzer water, but in this case, I'd go for the full-blown, sugary orange soda, because hey. Why not?)
Oh, and yogurt. Any flavor of yogurt because I love it all.

Speaking of yogurt (were we?) ...  Did you know that the Yoplait company removed high fructose corn syrup from all their yogurt because regular ol' people (a.k.a. consumers) complained about it by way of Yoplait's Facebook page and website? After that, the company eliminated 25 percent of sugar in their products following more complaints.

I think about that often, also, because it makes so much darn sense. 

Those changes at Yoplait were not made because thousands of people sat in their living rooms with friends, moaning, "I wish Yoplait would remove high fructose corn syrup from their yogurt. Somebody should do something about that awful company. Shut it down or something. I, myself refuse to eat the stuff."

It wasn't complaining to friends at Facebook or Twitter that got things rolling in a right direction. No, consumers became active, instead. They sent their concerns, their complaints, to the source: the Yoplait company. To people who could actually do something. 

And there's the lesson for today. 

Why go on complaining to our friends and relatives who just don't want to hear it and can, usually, do nothing about our complaints? Why not, instead, voice our concerns only in places they stand a chance of being addressed and taken care of?

It's, like, a waste of our breath/time/efforts to do otherwise and it's probably costing more friendships than we realize(!)



Speaking of complaining--if we truly realized how good we've got it, we'd stop our needless whining (and dare I say, worrying?). 

It's all rather like this illustration, which my buddy, Dolores, shared at Facebook:

(If you saw the movie, Up, you realize the deeper meaning of this.)


Yesterday I finished reading the free Kindle book, Time and Again by Deborah Heal. What a delightful summer read! Could not put it down.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Intending To Miss Nothing Wonderful

"Behold, all things have become new..."


The poor ol' Fed Ex guy carried my always-heavy box of canned cat food to our front porch and, after he drove away, I opened our red door and stepped outside and suddenly stopped.

I gazed around at the old homes and the construction workers two doors down and our green hedges and potted plants and felt that 1960's-esque hush of early afternoon sun and air and whispered, "Oh wow. It's too wonderful. Again."

With God added to the mix it's all too glorious to bear. And when I reach Heaven? I plan to tell Him I noticed everything; each remarkable, simple-but-awesome moment designed to spin my head with gratitude.

May I suggest something if you're not quite feeling that way today? Set down the complaints about politics, summer heat, money woes, the humanly flawed media or the kids' worrisome behavior--kick them away or bury them, even. We can't squeeze both complaints and gratitude and have joy come pouring out. 

Ain't gonna happen. So release what gives you headaches and bad days. Please.

Then hold out your hands and ask God to fill them with gratitude. Ask for new eyes and attitudes and newness of Life. Go for it. Ask, ask, ask. Ask and you will receive.

Then watch the good that happens. Miss nothing.


"You do not have because you do not ask God."  ...  James 4:2

"... just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too may walk in newness of life."   ... Romans 6:4


Want a terrific place to take your new eyes?  Go here and see what happened to Naomi during her last time drumming on the streets of Nashville. Wow. Not something she'll forget soon. Nor I.


Ok, you'll laugh, but someday I'd like to magically find myself down on the Buffalo Waterfront sitting beside Shark Girl for a photo:

Yeah, you'd love to see that, too, wouldn't you?  :)


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Monday, July 27, 2015

Time Traveling on Saturday

"Only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him."    1 Corinthians 7:17


Tom and I are hopeless when it comes to discovering new hobbies we enjoy together. After years of attempting to find other fun activities, we still can think of only 3 we enjoy:

1. Estate sales (and yard sales)
2. Car shows (but we've not been to one in years)
3. Watching tv and ordering out for lunch on Saturdays.

Oh, and the occasional theater movie is pleasant and we love Buffalo Bisons' games, but getting us to the stadium--that's the hard and oh-so-rare thing.

Yeah, it hardly gets more pathetic than that. :) 

But hey! Some things you must finally accept just are the way they are. If they're pleasing, why seek to change them just because friends and other busybodies hint that you should

I mean, whose life am I living anyway? Go living someone else's life and we'll end up over in some weird, not-meant-for-us place. We'll reach Heaven, surprised that we didn't live the life God chose for us (and unable to return for a do over). What matters is doing what fits Tom and I as a couple.

You should have seen us on Saturday all dreamy-eyed in Estate Sale Heaven. The first house was a 1920's Tudor quite like this:

Oh, I barely noticed sale items, but rather, the walk-in pantries and closets and built-in white shelves surrounding the fireplace in the sunken, light-carpeted living room. And the other closets and nooks and crannies and light green striped wallpaper in the open stairway and the private little hallway in the master bedroom and did I mention closets?

I had to yank myself out of that one.

One family had owned the second house for nearly 100 years and they'd brought lots of Victorian decor with them when they moved in. The real, like-in-a-museum stuff. They'd not really done anything to the house (it appeared worn and dark), but that's preferable over 'remuddling it'. The kitchen still had it's original floor-to-ceiling cupboards with glass-fronted doors and the floors, windows and doors were all original. There was even a real-live formal front parlor. 

This was the 3rd day and the best stuff was gone, but here's what I found up in a sunny bedroom and in the attic:

Lots of ancient rocking chairs had been banished to the attic decades earlier as well as dressers, etc. We saw a type of candle holder you see women in nightgowns holding while climbing stairs in old movies. It could be hung on a wall, even. (Yeah, we should have bought that. It was probably only $1.)

Oh, we drove home that morning all warm and tired, but perfectly contented. We'd again experienced Time Traveling Bliss, our version of Disney World or Hawaii, and found it Good. Indeed, even if our Real Life friends don't 'get it.'

Yet I know some of you do, and that makes our unique hobby all the more special.


"When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise."   2 Corinthians 10:12


Anyone else ready for Autumn? Oh, the humidity of July--always it makes me feel 90-years-old. Or what I think 90 feels like.

We often get cool(er) Augusts here in western New York and guess what wilting ol' me is already praying for?


I so appreciated your taking the time to share such kind words about my 11th blogging anniversary! Thank-you. Much.


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